Berry picking

And today we used the half-a-day of no rain (quite unusual in this country…) and went berry picking at Brocksbushes Farm. A new experience for the whole family and lots of fun indeed!


As the farm’s website gave notice of the unexpected flow of pickers in the past days due to good weather (i.e. no rain!) and the imminent shortage of berries to be picked, we rushed early in the morning to this PYO (pick your own) farm, just to find still lots of red, fresh, juicy and perfectly ripped strawberries and raspberries (although I must say it was getting crowded when we left).


Entry was £1 per person plus £1 deposit for each basket, which was returned when taking the berries to be weighed and paid for (a little motivation for not abandoning baskets in the field…).


The berry picking is with no doubt an excellent addition to the lovely farm shop in the farm.


From garden furniture and gardening bits and bobs, accessories and food for pets, to some local produce and international products there is a lot to see and enjoy, like the most unusual but strangely delicious pesto cheese!


It’s also a brilliant place for healthy food maniacs like myself. Just grabbed two boxes of alfalfa and mung bean sprouts… although still trying to convince my little me to eat it too!




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