Milan, Milan

Attending conferences are definitely one the most exciting bits of my job and getting to travel and visit different places is a welcomed bonus (although you usually are only free to run away between 6:00 PM and 8:00 AM, but anyway…). This time we went to Milan (yes, wow…) and managed to get half-a-day free for a bit of sightseeing. Dubbed the capital of fashion and design, it had quite a lot to see (and eat!). Let’s see if I can give you a flavour of this amazing city (through my phone lens… sorry!). Given time constraints, we had to choose à priori where our feet were going to take us and the choices were…

The Duomo… and as everything else bows to this huge and amazing cathedral, is definitely the first place to wonder around and marvel at each human figure and gargoyle that were literally sculpted everywhere…

IMG_2639 (1)


… and specially at the stunning view from the roof (and yes… I know, that kissing couple is ruining my picture!).


Despite the magnificence of the beautiful Duomo Cathedral, the Galleries Vittorio Emanuele II won’t let you indifferent with its stunning (micro)tiled floor, Gucci café(?) and cosmically expensive Louis Vuitton bags.


Third stop… Sforza castle, a 15th century castle which is home to the (unfinished) la rondanini pieta by Michelângelo (which unfortunately we didn’t see… next time!).



What about food? You might ask… Well, we mostly ate at the conference hotel and the food there was everything but exciting (and free too…), although we did sneak to a local restaurant to try its garlic bread and pizza!


Of course… we had to stop at the gelateria Amorino to try the most beautiful and delicious ice cream ever…


And finally, we also had time to try the famous Luini‘s panzerotti… and as my journey companion said…  (spoiler alert!) it tastes like a pizza with a texture of a donut…

And it couldn’t get much better that this… really!




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