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Blyth, ships and Papa Ganoush

And this weekend, the Tall ship Regatta 2016 had a stop in Blyth. Despite half-a-million visitors being expected throughout the whole event, and the pouring rain for the first hour and a half, and having to stand sometimes near to an hour to be able to put a foot on the deck of a few of them (and we only managed three!), it was actually a lot of fun.


And we even discovered a beautiful photo frame at the end of the funnel!

20160828_121210 (1)_Fotor_Fotor

What we also discovered was a nice little corner with gorgeous street food. And among some popular choices we found Papa Ganoush, a stall with eye-(and nose-)catching middle eastern food.


If you’ve read my previous post about our trip to the Tynemouth market you’ll realise that I do have an unspoken (till now!) passion for flatbreads stuffed with delicious things and so, you will not sound surprised why Papa Ganoush did catch my eye. On offer they had spicy chicken or falafel and salad (to choice) in a flatbread done that same minute. Does it sound just standard? Well, then I’ll explain it again with more detail.

Deliciously seasoned tomato and cucumber, shredded carrots with pomegranate seeds, pickled cabbage and pickle chillies…

IMG_2915 (1)

…. placed in a generous amount on top of a just cooked flatbread…

IMG_2919 (3)

… and covered with another generous amount of spicy chicken cubes…

IMG_2920 (1)

… or just made crispy falafel balls.

IMG_2921 (1)

And topped with a sauce of choice (our choice was garlic yogurt mayo). Mouth-watering, hein? They were quite a popular stall I must say and I couldn’t recommend it more!

IMG_2924 (1)

And of course, we couldn’t go through such an event without something sweet, so we did snack on some candied cashews…


… before visiting the beautiful russian ship Shtandart, a replica of the 1703 frigate built by Peter the Great.

IMG_2928_Fotor20160828_143737 (1)_Fotor20160828_144258 (1)_Fotor20160828_143526 (1)_Fotor

And just before returning home we decided to go with guaranteed success sweetness… churros and a flake 99. When you know it’s good… what can you do?





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